Between 25% and 75% of your entry into medical school could hinge on your ability to communicate under pressure

Communicate with confidence and authenticity.

Meet Alexander

I’m Alexander, a postgraduate medical student in Australia and an interview tutor.

Prior to medicine I was a trained actor and have combined my love of performance with my love of science and medicine to help countless JMO’s and medical students secure a place in Australia, UK and Canada.

However, there are only so many hours in a day. Therefore, I created a distilled course that you can use in to gain all the knowledge I have learned in my 5 years experience as a tutor.

Distilled course of my 5 years interview coaching and 10 years acting experience all in one.

Replicate the conditions you will need to perform in with my mock MMI simulator from the comfort of home.

For those who want one-on-one feedback to leave nothing to chance.

Why Choose alexandermedic ?

I offer an unparalleled approach to medical communication, providing not just interview preparation but a deep understanding of effective communication skills essential for a future in medicine.
Training that is designed to help you stand out, not just in your application but throughout your career, all the way to consultant level and beyond.

Compared to other providers, alexandermedic offers the best value, personalised coaching, ensuring you receive high-quality training without the high costs. 

We offer scholarships to low income and diverse applicants as we are committed to increasing representation in medicine, please reach out via email for more information if this sounds like you. 

5 Years Experience

Consistently demonstrated profound impact on students' success, with strategies to navigate the complex medical admission landscape.

Unique point of view

Offering a fresh, insider perspective on medical interviews, blending traditional preparation methods with confidence building and structured delivery strategies.

Learn at your own pace

Flexible, self-directed learning options to fit your schedule, allowing you to absorb and apply crucial interview techniques.


Trusted by Med Students and JMO's

240 Ratings
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“Unmatched preparation and insight, there currently isn't anyone else I was able to find that provided the depth and quality of coaching anywhere else! Plus I got in!”
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“Overwhelmed initially by application process, but the personalised feedback and strategies were tailored perfectly to my needs. 10 stars if possible!”
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“A new concept was not just learning how to answer questions but how to articulate my passions for medicine with confidence. Grateful for finding Alexander!”
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“Game-changer and truly a secret weapon for medical interviews. Such a wealth of knowledge in performance and a finger on the pulse of interviews. If in doubt, do it!”